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Bloodborne Guide: How to Get a Free Saw Spear


Bloodborne Guide: How to Get a Free Saw Spear

You know what’s better than new weapons in Bloodborne? Free weapons. Just as in the Souls series of games, your primary currency is responsible for upgrading your hunter, your weapons, and purchasing gear and items. It may seem easy to manage at first, but as your level increases and those upgrades become much more expensive, it grows very difficult to decide between getting that new trick weapon or increasing your stats. But what if I told you that it’s possible to get a weapon for free and save some of your hard earned Blood Echoes? Well, this guide is going to tell you how to get the Saw Spear for the low price of zero Blood Echoes.

saw spear

Early on in Bloodborne you will gain access to the sewers. The sewers are filled with many twists and turns, but there is one area in particular you should be keeping an eye out for. There is a room with a bunch of metal pulleys and a huge gap in the floor. You know you’re in the right room because if you look down you’ll see two broken boats. Of course, you should probably clear out the few enemies in the room before examining anything. There are only a few and they’re spaced out; just watch out for the lone rifle-wielding enemy.

Now that you’ve got those guys out of the way, look up. You’ll notice that there are a couple of dead bodies hanging from chains above the room you’re in. If you examine a bit more closely, each body has that telltale glow that items have. If you use your gun or a throwing knife to hit the chain, the bodies will drop to the area below. This is best done using the monocular item found within the Cathedral Ward area. If you haven’t progressed that far, you can easily make your way up to the rafters and cut the chain with your melee weapon. Be careful with this method since most melee attacks cause your hunter to take a step forward. Falling from this height does a lot of damage, and if your vitality stat is relatively low this spells instant death.

saw spear

Now all you have to do is make your way down and and search each of the bodies, but be wary of the sewer rats who may have a bone to pick with you for invading their territory. One of them will have your free Saw Spear. This is actually a pretty solid weapon to pick up, especially early on if you’re trying to add some versatility to your armory. While it’s not the strongest weapon you will come across, the Saw Spear’s speed and ease of use make it a great weapon for new players trying to adjust to a faster play style.

The Saw Spear has relatively quick attacks even in its extended mode. Plus, unlike a weapon like the Hunter Axe, the Saw Spear never forces you to give up your firearm in exchange for more reach. It is a light weapon that is held in one hand no matter what mode you have it in. You can also take a few more swings with the Saw Spear before exhausting your stamina than you can with the one of the starting trick weapons, with the only exception being the Cane Staff.

Expanding your armory in a game like Bloodborne is always a good thing. Doing so at no cost is infinitely better.

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