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Bloodborne: How to Use Caryll Runes

how to use caryll runes

Bloodborne: How to Use Caryll Runes

If you’ve been playing Bloodborne for a decent amount of time and have defeated a boss or two, chances are that you’ve stumbled across something called a Caryll Rune. But, just how do you use these things? When you go to Hunter’s Dream you will find several means to improve your hunter but one, the Memory Altar, is locked off to you because you require a certain tool.

How to Use Caryll Runes in Bloodborne

First off, some may be wondering “what in the name of the Old Ones are Caryll Runes?” Well in Bloodborne, they’re like blood gems in a way, except that they are applied to your hunter and not your weapons. When you examine one of these items you see the promise of some pretty useful perks. Improvements ranging from Blood Vial carry capacity to healing added to visceral kills are out there for the taking.

Any one of these can be a real game changer since they further facilitate your particular style of play. Any help should be welcome in the beautifully brutal city of Yharnam, so you should probably set off to find a means to put these valuable Caryll Runes to use.

how to use caryll runes

It turns out that this Memory Altar is what you need to utilize the Caryll Runes you’ve collected. All you need to do is find the tool that makes the table useful…which may take a bit of work.

It is required that you defeat the Witch of Hemwick if you want to enter the room that holds this valuable item. Luckily we’ve prepared a guide that will have you easily defeating this nasty being (hopefully in one go) so that you can finally find out what all the fuss surrounding Caryll Runes is all about.

After you defeat the Witch of Hemwick and the lantern appears, walk right past it. There is a staircase leading to a close door. Open that door and you will reveal a hunter how has long since died as he sat in his chair.

Examine him and you will receive the Rune Workshop Tool that you’ve been coveting this entire time (whether you knew it or not).


Now all you need to do is head back to Hunter’s Dream and make your way to the Memory Altar. You are able to install up to three normal Caryll Runes and one Oath Rune free of charge.

If you don’t like what you have, or have found something better feel free to return and swap them out as you see fit. Fine tune your build so that you can show all of those beasts who’s really boss.

For more guides, tips, tricks, or advice feel free to check out Twinfinite’s Bloodborne wiki.

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