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Bloodborne: How to Get to the Nightmare Lecture Building

how to get to the nightmare lecture building bloodborne

Bloodborne: How to Get to the Nightmare Lecture Building

Just like Cainhurst, the Nightmare Lecture Building is a well hidden area in Bloodborne. So hidden in fact that you need to face death if you are to have any hopes of setting foot upon its floors. Gaining access can be a confusing affair requiring you to collect a certain item before heading to a specific location where you just might die. But no worries, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to get to the Nightmare Lecture Building in Bloodborne.

How to get to the Nightmare Lecture Building in Bloodborne

The item in question is called the Tonsil Stone. This pockmarked rock is the only thing standing between you and death as you embark on your perilous journey to the Nightmare Lecture Building. To obtain one, you need to talk to one of the windows that has a glowing red lantern beside it.

There will be an odd individual who sort of speaks in riddles. That person will then give you the Tonsil Stone and some directions on how to use it. If for some reason you don’t hear the instructions have no fear, the item’s description gives the same directions.


Now it is said that there is more than one window where you can get this item from. I personally got it from the house by the village in the Forbidden Woods. It’s the same one you went behind in your quest to enter the Forsaken Cainhurst Castle. Just walk right up to the window and have a quick chat so you can get right to the next and final step.

The instructions tell you to head to the right of the Great Cathedral, that’s easy enough. Fast travel to the Grand Cathedral point (the place where you fought Vicar Amelia) and head left once you leave the large double doors. Beware of the two enemies with the large crosses, they can cause frenzy which is very annoying.

Once you head left just follow the steps down. If this is your first time here, there will be two hunters for you to deal with so be prepared. Once that’s settled look for the path that leads further down. There will be two executioner style enemies and some rifle-toting baddies. You can just run right past them towards the temple like structure at the end of the clearing.

Head down the stairs and past the nest like structure to the large doors. These doors are locked but that’s okay because you wouldn’t have time to open them anyway. What happens next is horrifying, you will be lifted into the air by some invisible entity and be crushed alive. Fortunately enough you have the Tonsil Stone which will transfer you to the Nightmare Lecture Building instead of killing you.

how to get to the nightmare lecture building bloodborne

When you come to you will be in the Nightmare Lecture Building and a trophy will pop. Continue through this area to access the Nightmare Frontier as well. The area houses extremely powerful enemies you won’t see anywhere else, along with a hidden boss, but that’s a story for another day.

That’s all you need to know for how to get to the Nightmare Lecture Building in Bloodborne. If you happen to be looking for more guides, tips, tricks, and information feel free to check out our Bloodborne wiki.

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