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Bloodborne Guide: How to Get a Free Tonitrus


Bloodborne Guide: How to Get a Free Tonitrus

It’s no secret, the trick weapons in Bloodborne are their very own particular brand of awesome. Having weapons that can change to give you the edge in any situation is a blessing. It’s cool to choose favorites and have that one trusty blade that has been with you since you first awoke, but trick weapons are sort of like Pokemon, you just have to get them all. With that being said, here’s how to get one of the more interesting weapons in Bloodborne, the Tonitrus, for free.


The Tonitrus is sort of like a club, yet it emits the same blue arcane sparks that you may have seen on some beasts such as Darkbeast Paarl. In fact, defeating Darkbeast Paarl will earn you the Hunter Badge required to purchase this weapon. But, at the price of 26,000 Blood Echoes, you couldn’t be blamed for not wanting to part with that much dough. Depending on your level, that’s enough for one or more stat upgrades. So let’s go grab one for the low low price of free ninety-nine.

While wandering around the city of Yharnam, you may have come across a tall reaper-like figure carrying a bloody sack. If this thing manages to kill you, you’ll find yourself in a brand new area, Hypogean Gaol. Head upstairs and there will be a fast travel lamp and two more of these enemies. Activate the lamp to ensure that you can return with ease and then take out the two enemies. Be careful while making your way towards the door, there is an enemy with a curved blade that has the ability to kill you instantly if she grabs you. Lure her out and then finish her off.


Once you head out the building, take care of the huge pig on the steps ahead of you. If you don’t, he’ll make things annoying later. Head to your left and take out another of those huge pigs. They are strong but not too fast, so you should be able to survive with no issues. Once that’s done, it’s time to slow down a bit. The Tonitrus you seek is being guarded, but it is possible to pick off each beast with ease. There are a handful of dogs and one sack-carrying enemy.

Use pebbles to attract each dog one by one. It’s best to extend your weapon just in case more than one comes at you. A sweeping attack can take out all of them in one or two swings, so use that to your advantage. Once all the stragglers are taken care of, slowly make your way towards the enemies by the large wall. They should still be unaware of your presence, providing you the opportunity to deliver a powerful visceral attack. Dispatch them and claim your Tonitrus.


This weapon is light and powerful, allowing for long, quick combos which are perfect for keeping groups of enemies off balance. Hitting L1 will charge the weapon even more, causing a temporary boost in arcane damage which will definitely prove useful later on.

For more guides, tips, tricks, and information be sure to check out our Bloodborne wiki. If you’re in the need for more free weapons check out the free Saw Spear guide.

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