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Bloodborne: How to Beat The Witch of Hemwick

how to beat the witch of hemwick

Bloodborne: How to Beat The Witch of Hemwick

So you’ve stumbled upon Hemwick Charnel Lane. It is a dark location on the outskirts of the city of Yharnam, where most humans wouldn’t dare to tread. But you? You’re no normal human so you set off down the winding trails, confronting new enemies wielding deadly techniques. Delving into the unknown is what you signed up for, and nothing has managed to put you down just yet. The Witch of Hemwick is going to try though. Here’s how to beat the Witch of Hemwick in Bloodborne.

How to Beat the Witch of Hemwick in Bloodborne

So, as you make your way through pathways hidden in trees, avoiding booby-traps along the way, you’ll stumble across an old, run-down house. You enter and find stairs to a basement. It is here that you will face your next boss challenge: the Witch of Hemwick.

witch of hemwick

It’s important to note that the Witch of Hemwick boss fight actually pits you against the Witches of Hemwick. There are two disgusting beings to deal with, and you’ll need to be quick on your toes if you want to get this done quickly and easily. Don’t be worried though, compared to the enemies in the surrounding area, the Witch of Hemwick is a very forgiving fight. Instead of overwhelming you with an unbearable onslaught, the Witch of Hemwick instead tries to confuse you with invisibility and random summons.

What you’re going to want to bring with you for this fight are some Blood Vials, a few Molotov Cocktails (as always) and your strongest weapon so you can dispatch of the Witch of Hemwick quickly, which is very important. Once you’re all set proceed to the basement and begin the fight.

You’ll notice that when you walk into the boss room, it is empty. Like completely empty with the only exception being a few random barrels stacked along the walls of the basement. This is because the Witch of Hemwick is invisible until you stand close to her. After a few seconds of standing too close though, you’ll eventually see a tall, wraith-like creature holding a sickle.

This is the beast that the Witch of Hemwick will continuously summon until you kill her. They aren’t too tough, a few swings with your extended weapon will easily destroy one and keep you out of reach. But, you should pay attention to where they appear, this is because they always raise by where the Witch of Hemwick is actually standing.

Another giveaway is that  the boss will sometimes display a red orb as she casts her spells so just walk towards it.

witch of hemwick

Once the boss is visible, go on the offensive with your weapon. The first Witch of Hemwick will not counterattack whatsoever so just wail on her until she vanishes.

She will start to fade, but you can still do damage, so keep swinging until she completely disappears. Depending on how high your attack is, you will only need to do this three or four times.

Once she’s dead a second Witch of Hemwick appears. Now this may change up your strategy a bit because this one will come in one of three forms.

The first one will be exactly like the Witch of Hemwick you just defeated, it will do nothing but summon those tall creatures. The second possible form will fire blue orbs of light at you instead.

These are easy to dodge since she forecasts her attack by having the orbs appear over her head. Quickly scan the room to locate her and go in for thee attack.

The third possible form will try to bind you and can emit a very powerful pulse from her core. This is the deadliest one because you won’t know it has this move until you get really close.

If you’re unsure approach cautiously, and if you see the Witch of Hemwick glow red, dodge backwards immediately. You can use your firearm to interrupt the attack and then go in for the damage dealing. As long as you are aware of all her possible forms, you can act accordingly.

You’ll want to beat the second witch as quickly as possible. If you take too long, the first one will resurrect with a third of her health. This will continue to happen to each witch if you take too long. Both must be completely dead at once in order for you to claim victory.

Luckily, neither one presents too much of a threat, and you have a wide open space to fight in, so you can use your Trick Weapons extended form if need be.

witch of hemwick

Remember to keep your eyes open and scan the room whenever you’re done dealing damage. Pay attention to the second Witch of Hemwick’s attacks so that you know how to approach, and don’t be reckless. Follow these simple tips and you will quickly (and easily) destroy yet another boss in Bloodborne.

That’s all for how to beat the Witch of Hemwick in Bloodborne. If you’re looking for help with any other Bloodborne bosses, or just some gameplay pointers, be sure to check out our Bloodborne wiki.

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