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Battlefield Hardline 10 Hour Trial Now Live on EA Access


Battlefield Hardline 10 Hour Trial Now Live on EA Access

Cut the hard line!

Dragon Age: Inquisition set an interesting precedent on the EA Access service just before release where it was available for people to play before the full release. While it only offered players 6 hours of gameplay, it was sufficient enough to whet the appetite of many who may have been on the fence. Now EA and Visceral are trying to do the same again, this time by offering players the chance to play Battlefield Hardline before its full release, beginning today.

Before we go a little too far into this, Battlefield Hardline is a whopping 45 GB download so be prepared to watch a percentage slowly creep up all day before you get to play. It’s also available in all regions so all you need to do is have a subscription to EA Access and go into the hub to download Battlefield Hardline.

This massive download will give players the chance to play Battlefield Hardline for 10 hours. Now that does sound pretty sweet when you look at it broadly. Just don’t expect to be playing through the whole campaign before the game is even out. While the full buffet of multiplayer options is available, only the prologue and first mission of the campaign are available in the single player portion.

Battlefield Hardline is out March 17 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. If you decide to buy it via the Xbox Store after trying it out on EA Access, you’ll net a cool 10% discount.

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