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Battlefield Hardline Premium Details Announced by EA


Battlefield Hardline Premium Details Announced by EA

Fancy paying a premium to be a player?

Finally, after waiting for longer than we probably should have, EA have revealed what Battlefield Hardline‘s premium program will include. These range from masks to the widely expected early access to expansions.

Premium membership will unlock benefit providing Masks, members-only ladders and tournaments, Legendary status (which does something to replayability) and the Gun Bench. This Gun Bench doohickey will allow players to track how many kills they’ve notched up with each weapon in Battlefield Hardline and allow deeper weapon customization that non-premium members might be afforded.

As far as the digital expansion portion goes, it seems that they will be a selection of four story-centric digital expansions. Criminal Activity will be first and sets you the goal of achieving infamy through small crime jobs. The following Battlefield Hardline expansion, titled Robbery, pits you against rivals who have to be taken out. These are expect to arrive sometime in Summer 2015.

In autumn Getaway will rear its head out of the grass, immersing you into deeper heists with Betrayal coming in 2016 where you hunt for the one selling you out.

Members are also going to be offered such things as double-xp time, exclusive events including in-game missions, and 12 Gold Battlepacks to make the outlay a little better. On top of that, all premium members will be granted priority over normal members in queues to join servers.

The price for all this? Well in the UK it’s going to cost £39.99, with North American users expected to rustle up a cool $49.99.

Recently we were informed that Battlefield Hardline will be available on EA Access from March 12th with 10 hours of totally open gameplay available to subscribers.


Are you going to be buying into the Battlefield Hardline experience? Does this premium offer tempt you? Does the prospect of a shiny mask get $50 leaping from your wallet? Tell us in the comments down below.

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