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Battlefield Hardline Promises All Kinds of Destruction


Battlefield Hardline Promises All Kinds of Destruction

I bet you can’t wait to punch a hole in a wall using a shotgun.

One of the big promises around Battlefield 4, and previous to its launch disaster, was the Levolution feature. It was the promise of a game-changing thing the likes gamers had never seen before. Did it actually live up to the promise? Partially. Despite being excluded from some maps due to the game’s problems, Levolution did work and, in many cases, changed the battlefield’s balance.

Now Battlefield Hardline is around the corner, and among other things, new Levolution events are coming with it. They are probably bound to be smaller, since this new title will include smaller maps, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be less important during an actual round.

If you were curious about how this feature will work in Battlefield Hardline beyond what was seen in the game’s beta, here are a few descriptions to tease your imagination:

  • Downtown: A tower crane collapses changing the map’s layout and the routes between capture points.
  • Bank Job: A vault roof collapses, changing the bank’s layout and escape routes during heists.
  • Dust Bowl: A dust storm reduces visibility and hearing all over the map.
  • Growhouse: A train car explodes, changing the map’s layout.
  • Derailed: A train explodes and a bridge collapses, dropping into a river below. This obviously changes the map’s layout.

Only time will tell how important these large scale events will really be within Battlefield Hardline’s gameplay. Nonetheless, taking the Battlefield 4 experience into account, they will be nothing short of spectacular.

Levolution events won’t be the only map-changing possibilities involved in Battlefield Hardline. In addition to these specific and repeated events, this new title’s maps will include micro destruction. According to the game’s official site, players will be able destroy walls with their guns and grenades. Moreover, much of the cover place in maps will erode under gunfire, which will probably change the way players approach different situations.

Finally, and also related to the ways maps can be used to the players’ advantage in Battlefield Hardline, there will be several interactive elements. This means that doors, fire extinguishers, radios, elevators, and even chandeliers will become valuable elements during a match.

Battlefield Hardline is sure making lots of promises which I sincerely hope will be fulfilled. Even though many of these things have already been used in Battlefield 4, Hardline’s more infantry-based gameplay can really make the most of Levolutions and other minor elements. Luckily, players will get a pretty interesting and seamless gaming experience.

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