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Battlefield 4's Winter Update Fixes Netcode and Soldier Collision


Battlefield 4's Winter Update Fixes Netcode and Soldier Collision

Hopefully, now Battlefield soldiers will be able to avoid small steps and objects.

Even though Battlefield Hardline’s release is just around the corner, Battlefield 4 is still alive. DICE is really making a huge effort to keep improving its latest game in the series, and it’s all good news for players. The disastrous launch seems really far away when compared to how well the game runs now, and it’s only getting better. Enter the Winter Update, with several improvements and even a new game mode.

First of all, the netcode was improved, including network prioritization and filtering, to make sure the most essential data receives the most important treatment (health/damage, enemy players and vehicles). Moreover, besides some additional technical changes, the game’s required bandwidth has been reduced, which means players with slow connections will get better performance.

These netcode improvements are bundled together with yet one really important change. The way soldiers move and collide with the game’s world has been improved. This is no small matter, since Battlefield 4 has always had this annoying thing in which soldiers get stuck on small steps and objects which rarely are on sight. It may seem a bit ridiculous, but it certainly should make a huge difference.

Additionally, a new game mode has been introduced: Squad Obliteration. This new mode is a high-paced 5 vs. 5 squad mode aimed at competitive play. As announced before, this is supposed to be the main competitive mode for Battlefield 4 from now on, especially because it requires small amounts of players and matches will be a lot shorter. This new mode is pretty different from the Obliteration mode: bomb carriers are only shown on map when spotted, there are no vehicles, there are no parachute spawns, among other variations.

These highlights are only a small part of the improvements this Winter Patch delivered. This is only the beginning: As announced last month, 2015 will be a great for Battlefield 4. Make sure you try this new game-state while we all wait for the big content updates expected to drop later this year. There’s a lot of Battlefield coming our way, which is always good news.


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