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Artist Re-Imagines Video Games as Awesome Sci-Fi Pulp Novels


Artist Re-Imagines Video Games as Awesome Sci-Fi Pulp Novels

Tales of bone-chilling terror and high adventure!

Joshua Ketchen recently released a set of illustrations that place well known game franchises in a time and format that they have never seen before – the covers of old-school sci-fi pulp novels.

Released and sold under Joshua’s brand “Creative Outpouring,” the “Arcade Adventures” art set takes games like Resident Evil, Bioshock, and Portal and turns them into Terror At The Mansion, Rapture and The Test Subject, respectively. The style is reminiscent of famous pulp magazines like “Amazing Stories” and “Famous Fantastic Mysteries.”

The covers also feature cheesy catchphrases such as “She came for the cake….but stayed for the science” to really sell the aesthetic of
the old-school books. Edgar Rice Burroughs would be proud.


sci fi pulp

Enter the Survival Horror

sci fi pulpsci fi pulp

sci-fi pulp bioshocksci-fi pulp portal

sci-fi pulp starfoxsci-fi pulp

sci-fi pulp

All of Joshua’s work can be found here.


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