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An Open-World Sequel to Final Fantasy VII That You Can Play


An Open-World Sequel to Final Fantasy VII That You Can Play

How is it possible for anyone to do something so awesome?

Talk about overachieving! A studio going by the name of Rodensoft has made the ultimate Final Fantasy VII fans dream. Wanting to push the limits of the original Final Fantasy VII engine, the small team at Rodensoft decided to mod the code of Final Fantasy VII to add in additional features and expand the game.


Entitled Final Fantasy VII: Time Guardian, the team went the extra mile and really came out with a fantastic piece of gaming magic. The game has added a slew of new features, most prominently the ability to wander the overworld as an open-world style of gameplay, similar to Skyrim. Players can travel wherever they want to go, whenever they want to go there, and experience a persistent world as they do. The game offers a system that moderates Day/Night cycle to give a deeper sense of immersion than the original Final Fantasy VII could ever offer. Buildings open and close periodically depending on the time of day. There was also the addition of new systems menus, which allow for a huge array of customization options that Final Fantasy VII never allowed, like the ability to change main characters at any time, or even develop multiple parties to work in coordinated teams.


Even more impressively, the team has gone out of their way to create a new and unique story for Final Fantasy VII: Time Guardian. There is an entire plot spanning out for the misadventures of the beloved Cait Sith after a certain spoilery moment in-game when he is separated from your party. Moreover, they have unlocked a wealth of beta content as well as deleted content from the original version of Final Fantasy VII. And as if that weren’t enough, there are also individual skills available for every character, which can be leveled up over time and allow them to interact with the game in extremely unique ways.

The entire experience is pretty mindblowing and stunning to picture. For gamers who want to check out Final Fantasy VII: Time Guardian, they can go to Rodensoft’s website and take a look at their version of Final Fantasy VII for themselves.

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