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What a Shame These 5 Last Gen Games Tragically Flopped


What a Shame These 5 Last Gen Games Tragically Flopped

Yes he did hurt himself when he hit the water.

Gaming is a fickle and twisted world to try and enter. Every year hundreds of new releases come to platforms, all vying with one another in the hopes of emerging victorious. Sadly the norm is much less explosive. Games that development teams have poured hundreds of thousands of hours into producing fail left, right and center. It’s a common thing in all media industries. Nary a week goes by when some movie or album release hasn’t floped, so why should games be any different?

Well in some respects they are. Granted, many games that could be categorized as having flopped fail purely because they’re not very good. Gameplay could be awful, the visuals could be janky as all hell, even the game itself may have been released in an utterly broken state. There are some gems out there, mind you. Games that failed (or saw middling success) commercially, and yet were good enough to establish a cult following or even become the apple in the eye of critics the world over.

So let’s take a look at some of those shall we. Looking at 5 of the most tragic gaming flops of the last generation isn’t going to be easy and it isn’t going to be pretty. Some of the titles mentioned in the following pages were absolutely incredible and you may have even loved one yourself. Yet it seemed to just die and fall away from existence. Whether it didn’t sell well enough or just didn’t grab the gaming communities heartstrings, the tragically flopped will always have a place in our hearts.

Anyway enough yammering on, time to get flopping.

Just a quick note here. We are avoiding handheld titles here because they pretty much transcend generations and most planes of existence that humanity can comprehend. Okay? Good.

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