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3 Ludicrous GTA V Vehicle Mods We All Secretly Dream Of


3 Ludicrous GTA V Vehicle Mods We All Secretly Dream Of


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Anyone who’s ever watched Pacific Rim, played Armored Core, heck even played withTransformers toys on a Christmas morning has wanted their own personal gigantic robo-suit. They represent a symbol of implacable strength without the need for wheels. An all-encompassing desire to be invulnerable while staying in control. That and you can strap an armory of big-ass guns to the frame. Of course we all want these in GTA V. Lets be honest here, how could you not?

Adding a mechanized suit in GTA V will obviously not be on the minds of those who sanctify immersion. A mod creator who values the worth of fulfilling the hopes and dreams of childhood fantasies however would revel in the opportunity. Trying to jam mechs into GTA V might sound difficult but it’s far from impossible. The huge collection of assets likely to be made available to mod creators along with the inventive nature of the pastime is bound to be enough for those dedicated enough to bring us all the joy of mech-driving fun.

Just imagine stomping around the streets of Los Santos, encased in a titanic suit and carrying enough weaponry to blow every Merryweather employee six ways from Sunday. Humongous machinations would obviously be preferable, but not necessary viable for modders to slot into GTA V. Something around the same height as two trucks are long would probably be about right. All of the gubbins placed just over street level in areas like the docks wouldn’t exactly be inviting. Stomping through the wilds in a 60 foot mech and trying to shoot that skittish deer though, that’d be amazing on the face of it.

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