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5 Consoles We Should All Be Glad Failed


5 Consoles We Should All Be Glad Failed

Could you image if the Virtual Boy was a success?!

Every day, console wars rage all over the internet’s battlefields. Be it Twitter, Facebook, or the many forums out there, soldiers fight tirelessly to show their favorite console is the best. Their goals are innumerable, ranging from a strong enough passion for their chosen machine that they feel the need to relentlessly bash the other, all the way up to a bad experience setting them against that particular manufacturer’s consoles forever. No-one is safe as Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony see their supporters rip opponents limb from limb online.

Even those of the oft-despised “PC Master Race” get involved in these tirades of hatred. Perhaps this isn’t the case but from how some act, there appears to be a genuine desire to see opposing consoles die a bloody death at their hands.

One thing that most of us can pretty much agree on though is that whichever console you love or hate, they all work for the most part these days. A homogenized format and layout of sorts has found its way into the games industry which stops utterly confusing inventions coming into the world. For every console brand or machine which is successful now though, there have been numerous cadavers left in the wake of progress. These fetid corpses are all that remains of the greatest mistakes our much-loved industry has ever seen.

So that’s what we’re going to take a look at today. These are not simply consoles that failed due to commercial or critical problems. They all had some key reason for why they failed utterly and terribly. A couple may have had an idea or two before their time, but that simply doesn’t make up for the terrible mistakes that were made at the launch of them. Anyway that’s enough waffling on about nothing for now.

Bring out the failures!

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