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3 Multiplayer Modes The Escapists Must Have


3 Multiplayer Modes The Escapists Must Have

Escape Together

The Escapists

The Escapists is now fully released on PC and Xbox One.

Locked in prison for a life-long sentence  with a hunger for escape, you want to find a way out as soon as possible. However, you’ve made a friend, someone you can trust, and you can’t just leave them behind, can you? The Escapists developers Mouldy Toof explained that although multiplayer is not a priority on the latest full release, it is an aspect that they are considering after the community responses on their original Kickstarter campaign.

Players continue to ask for possibilities to have their own friends in the prison in order to attempt escaping together. Resources, communication and stealth will become difficult to attain and pulling two prisoners out of a high-security prison would provide an extra challenge.

Perhaps you’d be in different cells completely, communicating in discrete ways as you work towards a single plan. Or maybe you both want to escape individually? The Escapists is all about precision, choice and efficiency, and having two perspectives at once would change the game completely.

This particular multiplayer mode would require both prisoners to escape in order to succeed. The main difficulty of this mode would be the forms of communication and way of multiplayer, whether it is local LAN co-op or even online. Currently, The Escapistsdoes not support chat in any way so many aspects will have to be considered before multiplayer is implemented.

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