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Mighty No 9 Screenshots Emerge from Inti Festa 2015


Mighty No 9 Screenshots Emerge from Inti Festa 2015

Screenshots and arm-cannons galore.

Mighty No. 9 has been rolling around on the internet for a while now as the spiritual successor to Mr. Inafune’s fan-favorite Megaman. After a successful run on Kickstarter, the project has since gone into major development mode and glimpses of it keep popping up in random places.

One of the not so random places we saw footage pop up from was Japan’s Inti Festa 2015. Here’s a gallery of the shots that came out of the show down below. Just click on the one you want to see.

Now yes, we know that these images aren’t particularly high quality in some cases. That’s because they weren’t simply captured from a screen for the most part. Some were taken from the captivated audience to a talk run by two members of the Mighty No. 9 team.

Backers should be recieving their copies of Mighty No. 9 sometime soon, as Digital Frontier works tirelessly to get it ready to roll. The project saw an immense backing from fans, finishing off by giving the Mighty No. 9 team a substantial amount of over $3,800,000 to play with.

Are you looking forward to rekindling old Megaman memories with this spiritual success in Mighty No. 9? Are you a little concerned about Mighty No. 9 being a failure? Let us know down below in those comments.


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