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10% Discount on PSN Discounts Today in Europe


10% Discount on PSN Discounts Today in Europe

Discounts for everybody! If you’re in Europe, maybe.

A few moments ago, news started running around the internet of a deal being given to PSN users in various countries in Europe. This special limited offer gives players up to 10% off purchases when a code is used at the checkout.

The deduction of 10% isn’t an automated thing by any means. So far it looks like this offer is only available when you do it via Sony’s browser based Sony Entertainment Network Store. Our own capture of this code, see below, states that the 10% discount can be used at any time until 23:59 local time. 


Now no-ones going to turn their nose up at a discount, especially one being offered on PSN when there’s so much great content out. According to the legal documentation which comes with this code, it can be applied to any purchase. So that means you could pre-order a new title or get an additional discount on the latest PSN game you want even if there’s already a bunch of money off thanks to PlayStation Plus.

This offer is only available via the Sony Entertainment Network Store. You cannot claim the same offer via your console.

There’s no word as of yet about this random 10% off from PSN coming to the US. Other countries in Europe are reporting that the discount is or isn’t available where they are. Users in the Netherlands are reporting that there are discounts, while those in Germany have said they aren’t able to get the offer.

Have you got the offer? Will you be buying anything on PSN today in light of this offer? Let us know in the comments below.


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