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Xenoblade Chronicles Releases on the New 3DS in Months


Xenoblade Chronicles Releases on the New 3DS in Months

Let the player-base split, begin!

Bringing a port of a handheld game to a console is often met with a few disgruntled groans and the odd woop from that weirdo in the Hawaiian shirt. Ports that are the other way around often end up detracting from the experience, with lackluster textures limping into view alongside terrible frame-rate problems. The upcoming port of Xenoblade Chronicles from Wii to 3DS however is shaping up be the opposite of lackluster. Full-luster? Much-luster? Whatever the term may be, it’s coming soon for the Nintendo 3DS too.

There is a small (in size, not price) requirement to open up the opportunity to play one of the most celebrated RPGs to land on the Wii, or any other console in its generation for that matter. You’ll have no choice but to invest in the newer model New Nintendo 3DS. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will not play on older systems. It’ll feature a Token system which can be used to buy new music or character models for your time in Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. These tokens can be earned via either StreetPass use or waggling the Shulk amiibo over your new-fangled 3DS.

The new trailer, as seen above, demonstrates a little of how the combat user interface is going to look when you’re on your New Nintendo 3DS and playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. There’s also a scream of “NOOO” that even Anakin Skywalker himself would give an approving nod.

At the very end of the trailer you’ll also see a release date pop up. That release date states that Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will be available only for the New Nintendo 3DS April 10th, 2015. That’s plenty of time to get over the cost of buying a new version of a console you’ve probably owned for a few years just to play it we reckon.

Does Xenoblade Chronicles 3D catch your eye? Let us know in the comments.

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