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Xbox Live Gold Price Drops to $40 Until February Ends


Xbox Live Gold Price Drops to $40 Until February Ends

Cheap Xbox Live Gold subscription hoarding time!

Eagle-eyed Xbox Live Gold purchasers today may have found a happy little surprise waiting on the internet. No its not something questionable in their inbox. It turns out that Microsoft have started to offer 33% off the standard Xbox Live asking price, now selling the online subscription for $40.

This means that players will able to get onto the Games with Gold program and play all of their Xbox titles online via Xbox Live at a lower price than they would have been before today. The promotion, which ends as we wave goodbye to February in just two days, is available to people who wish to buy into this promotion either digitally or with physical cards. There’s no concrete end date or indication that this is actually a promotion of any sort, which has led some outlets to speculate that this could be a long-term price drop.

We however did reach out to Microsoft and we were given the information below which cemented the reality that this deal will only run until the end of the month pretty hard in our faces.

xbox love

We of course protected the identity of the representative because if they weren’t meant to do this, then their job isn’t worth a simple piece of news clarification.

Xbox Live allows players to download free games using the Games with Gold service as well as engage in multiplayer games online and communicate with friends. It’s a subscription service used by Xbox One and Xbox 360 users to do all of this stuff. Most games that feature multiplayer require the user to have Xbox Live Gold to be able to engage in online competitive gameplay.

This would be a good time, if you’ve received a sudden windfall, to pick up a couple of years worth of Xbox Live Gold at a lower price. Are you going to be picking some up? Let us know down below in the comments.


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