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We’ll Probably See These 7 Games before GTA V Releases on PC


We’ll Probably See These 7 Games before GTA V Releases on PC

GTA V will probably get delayed yet again on PC. Hell, we just might see these 7 games before it finally comes.


Try to hold in your surprise, people: GTA V has been delayed for the PC yet again, moved from March 24 to April 14. No doubt, PC GTA enthusiasts are annoyed at Rockstar pushing it back yet again. But don’t worry PC players! While you’re waiting for GTA to hit Steam, you can look forward to these seven games that will definitely not totally be out before GTA is!

Psychonauts 2


Getting a sequel to Psychonauts off the ground has proven harder than one would think. For one thing, the game just straight up didn’t sell that well when it came out back in 2005. It and the failure of other games under the Majesco library at the time have gotten it a cult following appeal. Tim Schafer has repeatedly said that he’d be down to do a sequel to Psychonauts, and recent Beyoncé house stealer Notch even made a public offer to fund it. That too sadly fell through, but who knows? Maybe this time in a few years, we’ll have more adventures with Raz while Rockstar is still promising that GTA for PC will be out this spring.

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