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Which Video Game Console Is Your Soulmate? (Quiz)


Which Video Game Console Is Your Soulmate? (Quiz)

You’ll find love in a hopeless place.

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It’s okay, we get it. Choosing a console is hard. These things are crazy expensive, and with so much info and statistics on their performance and popularity flying around, it turns every single room into an echo-chamber of madness. Everyone ends up yelling opinions at each other and nothing ever gets accomplished.

It’s understandable that this stuff is frustrating. So we’re here to help. Throw out all the fanboy arguments and let some fast and easy quiz-taking do the work. We have a quiz that will help determine which current gen console is best for you: Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, or PC. We won’t be including mobile console gaming into this list, because that would just make things complicated; we’re focusing strictly on sit down and play consoles.

What console did you get after taking the quiz? Feel free to debate it out in the comments, and share the quiz with your friends to see how they fared and which console they received.

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