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Valve to Present Refined Steam Controller and VR Hardware at GDC 2015


Valve to Present Refined Steam Controller and VR Hardware at GDC 2015

The future is around the corner.

This year’s Game Developers Conference is already around the corner and yet, surprises seem to be far from over. As a latest addition, Steam will be showing a pretty advanced version of the much-awaited Steam Controller, as well as some additional hardware developments. Steam is finally getting it out there.

Ever since Steam Machines were announced, supposedly putting Steam straight into the fight for the living-room kingdom, PC gamers have been waiting for more tangible news. Well, it seems now it’s for real: As announced today, Valve’s presence will be a massive thing. Besides giving demos of a refined version of the Steam Controller, new undisclosed living room devices will be shown and, even more importantly, an unannounced SteamVR hardware system will be presented. Yes, we all knew VR was coming to Steam, but now Valve is developing its own hardware; time to get crazy excited.

Virtual reality is probably going to be the next big thing, and having Valve’s resources put into it is no minor news. It does seem Steam is doing the utmost to fight for a spot in what has always been a console turf.

In addition to announcing all of the above, Valve also opened registration to any developer or publisher interested in experiencing this new and unnamed (for now) hardware. VR demos will be held during the week of GDC (March 4th-6th) at Moscone Center, San Francisco. It definitely is a good chance to get your hands on what will probably be one of the forces to be reckoned with in the VR future.

You know, it’s not Half Life 3, as we all secretly wish; nonetheless, the Steam Controller does look like a very interesting alternative for PC gamers. Additionally, Valve is no small player in the industry, and whatever they have planned for their living room presence oughts to be interesting to say the least.

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