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Things Get Weird When Ubisoft & Volition Twitter Flirt


Things Get Weird When Ubisoft & Volition Twitter Flirt

You ever see two friends kinda flirt, and you aren’t entirely sure what’s happening? Well, Ubisoft and Volition did that, and it got WEIRD.

You know how in high school you’re sitting at lunch and you watch two of your friends? They’re just talking, saying the most random things, and you’re not entirely sure to call it flirting, fighting, or even speaking English? Well, the Twitter accounts for Assassin’s Creed, Saints Row, and Far Cry decided to flirt with each other and things got…kinda weird. You can see the entire thing on Storify here, but here’s the basics.

Sure, it started normal enough…

And then Saints Row kicked things off.

Ezio was not impressed.

But the Saints never give up.

Eventually, things get weirder.

No one had any clue what was happening, but they enjoyed the show.

I think I ship it…? What do we call it? VoliSoft? Assasin’s-Row-Cry?

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