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Here are the Top Xbox Exclusive Games to Watch Out for in 2015


Here are the Top Xbox Exclusive Games to Watch Out for in 2015

Games such as Halo 5: Guardians and Quantum Break, punctuate a strong lineup this year.

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We’ve looked at the top exclusives for Sony, Nintendo, as well as the big AAA multi-platform games due out this year. Now it’s time to see what Microsoft has in store for its Xbox consoles!

Fable Legends

fable legends

The longtime single player focused action RPG series will be catering to multiplayer fans in 2015. Fable Legends allows up to four heroes to work together to complete various quests while another player controlled Villian attempts to thwart them. Taking a page from the recently released Evolve, Fable Legends wants to pit a team of underdog heroes against a single enemy with greater advantages. Each of the heroes will have their own distinct personality and playing style while the Villain can order creatures to do their bidding.

Don’t fret though if you’re still pining for the single player Fable gameplay of old. Fable Legends isn’t online only and AI characters will replace any non human controller characters. Whether or not the online community sticks around will be dependent if Fable Legends ends up being the Fable game that finally lives up to all of its hype and becomes one of the top Xbox exclusive games to own this year.

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