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The 8 Best Video Game Commercials of All Time


The 8 Best Video Game Commercials of All Time

There are game commercials, and then there are these. These are all pretty much the best ever.

To Michael! (Playstation 3)

Everyone talks about those moments in a game that was just so cool, like that time you played Halo and snapped an Elite’s neck before jacking his grenades, sticking a Brute, and using the remaining Energy Sword ammo to tear through the rest of the Grunts. But PlayStation’s “To Michael” ad explores things from the other side of the screen. Various video game characters from the PS3 pantheon come together to chat up Michael, who’s basically their God (praise the sun). It’s been years since it came out and no one is really sure if it exists as some sort of hype builder for PlayStation All-Stars or just to show some classic characters shooting the breeze. But if there’s one thing that is clear, it’s that this ad is meant to show love to everyone who’s ever grabbed a PlayStation controller.

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