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4 Elements That Will Guarantee the Order: 1886 Sequel's Success


4 Elements That Will Guarantee the Order: 1886 Sequel's Success

What could be next for The Order: 1886.

Spoilers Ahead, You Have Been Warned

The Order: 1886 has been available to PlayStation 4 gamers for an entire weekend and many people all around the world have had their chance to share their opinions on this new IP. While it has gotten mixed reviews (you can check out Twinfinite’s own here) many seem to be on the same page about The Order: 1886‘s strong and weak points. For a new IP, the game is pretty ambitious in the many hats it tries to don in its very first foray into the homes of gamers. But, that unfortunately led to some things not quite fitting in to the larger picture.

The same way that some elements didn’t fit, others felt completely in tune with the vision Ready At Dawn endeavored to share with the world. Elements that set an amazing tone and can’t help but to leave those who have played their first console title excited for what’s to come, and by the looks of it there is indeed more to come.

The Order: 1886 manages to end in a rather jarring fashion. Just when things really start to pick up, when you finally start to get to the bottom of things, credits begin to roll. You Knight Commander has shown his true colors, your love has forsaken you, and the rebels have shown you what is truly behind the curtains that have been drawn so tightly around your order. What this will lead to is anyone’s guess until the inevitable sequel manages to grace your PlayStation 4 sometime in the future.

With that sequel in mind there is no doubt that many people have already begun creating a checklist of sorts. Mechanics and elements that need to stay, and those that probably wouldn’t be missed if they somehow never found their way into the next installment. After all, everyone wants new games to survive so there is no reason that The Order: 1886 wouldn’t be held up with the same regard. With that being said, here are some points for that checklist that Ready At Dawn should probably take into consideration as they build their next great game.

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