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Not Into The Order: 1886? Try These 5 Hour Alternatives


Not Into The Order: 1886? Try These 5 Hour Alternatives

Got 5 hours? Don’t waste it on The Order: 1886.

The Order 1866

Odds are the legendary length of The Order: 1886 has reached your wonderful ears. And despite the claims that the game can be completed in a mere 5 hours, the overall length for the average gamer does land around 8 hours total. Not uncommon at all for most action games these days like, say, Uncharted.

But if you’re hustling, The Order: 1886 can apparently be taken out pretty quickly. Which begs the question: what else could you accomplish in 5 hours? We’re here to show you the way!

1. Play 5% of Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition War Room

There’s so much to dooooooooo.

Without rushing, and with a few divergent side quests, Dragon Age Inquisition could easily clock in a 100-hour playthrough. It can be daunting at times, but the game is so fun and addicting you might even lose track of the time you spend.

Set a clock and see how much you can get done in Inquisition in a measly 5 hours! How many monsters can you slay, and how many quests can you complete?

And better yet, at the end of 5 hours you can be comforted by the fact that it’s nowhere near over.

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