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The Escapists Guide: How To Escape Fhurst Peak Correctional


The Escapists Guide: How To Escape Fhurst Peak Correctional

Here is the quickest and best way to escape Fhurst Peak Correctional in just 5 steps! Check out our awesome tutorial here…

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Get Money and Level Up!

The Escapists

Intelligence and Strength are key aspects in The Escapists (All images provided by @thesfginger)

Recommended Items:

  • Sock Mace = Sock + Soap

Before you can ever hope to escape you will need money in order to buy the appropriate escape tools. Doing your allocated prison job, whilst also taking up tasks from other fellow prisoners, will boost your wallet and give access to better crafting items.

In addition, don’t forget to head to the gym in your free time to get a bit stronger whilst also hitting the books in the library to increase intelligence. Some of the tools you may wish to craft require a higher level of knowledge, so keep that in mind before beginning your master escape plan.

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