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Terraria: Otherworld Offers a New Take on Terraria’s Universe


Terraria: Otherworld Offers a New Take on Terraria’s Universe

I tell you, mining blocks of dirt in Terraria is a placebo therapy.

The reasons why Terraria is such a beloved game are countless. It doesn’t matter if you just like mining and building stuff out of blocks, or you really enjoy the 2D platform-like gameplay, that little sandbox game has stuff for everybody. Moreover, if you feel there’s something missing, chances are there’s a huge update coming your way anytime soon. It definitely is a small indie jewel.

There is one not-so-great thing about Terraria though: Players have no explicit motivation for doing whatever they do. There’s a background story which isn’t really told, and thus. never becomes really clear. Eventually, players face the corruption and its minions just because they need better items, or because that’s one of the possible activities in the game.

Well, good news to you Terraria fans. There’s a new Terraria game coming, and all seems to say it will actually have a story. Fair warning: Even though Terraria: Otherworld is a new game in the Terraria universe, it isn’t the long-awaited Terraria 2. Nonetheless, it’s already showing promise and it’s definitely a reason to be excited.

First of all, as can be seen in the game’s trailer, Terraria: Otherworld will have a huge and much-welcome visual upgrade, which even offers a solid ground for speculation about a new engine. Moreover, as stated in the official announcement, this new title will include RPG and strategy elements. These new features seem to be the heart of this new take on the Terraria experience and sure feel like exciting additions.

Even though changing a successful formula can be risky, Terraria: Otherworld really has everything needed to fulfil the expectations. If the base-game is the same, anything new has a great chance of working, especially if it’s a tangible story and an ongoing sense of purpose for the players’ presence in the Terraria universe.

Finally, even though Terraria: Otherworld is being developed for PC and MAC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are already being considered. For more information, visit the game’s official site and cross your fingers so we may get this as soon as possible.

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