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Survey Says PlayStation 4 Owners Buy for a Higher Resolution


Survey Says PlayStation 4 Owners Buy for a Higher Resolution

Xbox One owners however bow before the brand.

Wars rage across the battlefields of the internet over which console is best and why people should by the big box from each of the manufacturers. People hold aloft trophies of combat and wax lyrical about why their preferred console is performing better or worse than others. Usually, we have no concrete information as to why people buy particular consoles. That could have all changed though, as a survey has been released going into why people have actually purchased their PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or WiiU.

The survey, created by Nielsen, looks at the three most recent big home consoles to be released and asks people who bought them exactly why they did. The image, shown below, list the five most important factors to influence every owners purchasing decision. It looks to show that PlayStation 4 owners prize a “better resolution” and the fact their console is a Blu-Ray player (even though the Xbox One has that same media functionality).

Xbox One owners meanwhile prefer to have a bevy of “innovative features” along with a recognizable brand spread across their system. WiiU adopters pointed out that the “fun factor” sits alongside the fact their console is “better for kids” than anything else the system has to offer.

What’s also interesting is that this survey had a second part. Much like many movie sequels, it tries to go more down the bombastic route but has a little less of that spark in its offerings than the older brother. This other half looks at how many people owned consoles of the last generation and which ones they chose afterwards. 76% of Xbox One owners had in their possession an Xbox 360, with only 46% of them also owning a PlayStation 3. 59 % PlayStation 4 purchasers on the other hand used to own a console from Sony’s rivals Microsoft while 66% of them also owned a PlayStation 3.

lifetime ownership nielsen

A rather intriguing factoid from this survey comes when you look at the Nintendo Wii. Over 70% of eighth generation console owners used to own a Wii, with that figure leaping to 86% of WiiU owners.

Why did you buy your PlayStation 4? Was it mainly for the better resolution? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: Nielsen]

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