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Starwhal Swims Onto PS4 and PS3


Starwhal Swims Onto PS4 and PS3

Stawhal making waves on PS4 and PS3.

In the cold and unforgiving landscape of deep space, a war is being waged. Intergalactic neon narwhal whales duel to the death in this four-player, local multiplayer party game where players must poke, or be poked to come out on top.

Wage war 1 on 1 or a 4-player deathmatch

The game plays like a trippy, modern remake of the beloved classic Joust. Four neon-colored Narwhal whales flop about the deep reaches of space, attempting to poke one another with their majestic tusks.

Originally developed as a 48 Hour Game Jam Game, Starwhal first flopped into the public eye back in 2013.

The game will come packed with all loads of new content, including: new arenas, visual effects, expanded soundtrack, and over 9,000 costume combinations to pimp out your own intergalactic whale.

Show off your unique side with over 9,000 costume combinations

Need to hone your space whale skills? Fret not! The game includes 32 challenge courses and global leaderboards so that you can show the world what you can shine bright.

Starwhal is set for release on Feb. 24 and will be priced at $11.99. The game reportedly runs at 30fps on PS3 and 60fps on PS4.

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