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Rumor: Dying Light Physical Release Delayed Again In Europe


Rumor: Dying Light Physical Release Delayed Again In Europe

Dying Light’s release is looking unlikely in Europe.

When Dying Light came out in North American territories last month, those of us in Europe were left gazing over the Atlantic Ocean with slightly envious eyes. European markets were not going to get their hands on the physical release of Techland’s latest foray into the world of zombie slaughter for another month. Now it appears that, once again, the game has been delayed in Europe.

According to German-language games site, the game may not be seeing the light of day on European shores until March 6th, another week after its expected arrival of February 27th. They were contacted by a retailer in the country expressing their apologies that copies of Dying Light wouldn’t be available in stores for another month.

It is so far unclear as to whether this will be the case across Europe as a whole, if it is in fact just retailers in Germany, or just that one dealer who hasn’t been able to secure copies for release. Whatever the case may be though, it sets a concerning precedent for the future of Dying Light in the European market.

The game has been available digitally across the world now for over a month, but digital prices in Europe are often much higher than those in other territories when compared to physical releases. On the PlayStation Store in the United Kingdom for example, the game costs £54.99, while most bricks and mortar stores are likely to sell the game for a maximum of £50. Even Amazon UK are offering the game on PlayStation 4 at £41.00.

No other dates at retailers in the UK have changed as of yet, so the story is still developing. Whatever ends up being the situation though, we will be sure to update you on this story as it continues to pan out.

Do also bear in mind that this rumor is based upon a version of the original article on Dying Light read via Google translate, so certain details may have been lost into the void that is automated translation software.

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