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Rose Colored Gaming Creating Retro Handheld Pascal


Rose Colored Gaming Creating Retro Handheld Pascal

Retro gaming is making a resurgence. If you’ve got an interest in it, Rose Colored Gaming has the handheld retro machine for you!

Retro gaming has seen a bit more of a resurgence these days, what with them Shovel Knights and those Earthbounds. Rose Colored Gaming has been customizing classic portable and home consoles for years, and now they’re going retro themselves with Pascal. RCG posted a concept of the retro handheld on their Facebook, which you can see above, and offered some details on what it’ll contain.

Raspberry-pi based. Plays over 10+ systems at full speed including:

MAME (Various Arcade)
GameBoy Color
GameBoy Advance
Turbo/PC – Engine
Sega Master System
Sega Genesis
Apple 2
Atari 2600

And More!

The unit also uses a common ground PCB (No Tact switches) and features 6 buttons with two back buttons function as shoulder buttons (not shown in this revision)

Finally the unit can be plugged into a TV via HDMI and used as a console with controller support coming from USB. This unit has a mirror finish with graphic design done by Wig. Case is laser cut/laser etched. Personalized etching options for the front MIGHT be an option.

Hope everyone likes it!

No word yet on pricing or when it’ll come out, but we’ll let you know as soon as it does. Do the systems included entice you to buy one?


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