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Resogun Defenders Announced for Playstation 4


Resogun Defenders Announced for Playstation 4

Resogun has received numerous awards for being a thrilling fast-paced shooter, and its latest DLC, Resogun Defenders, is set for release! More info here…

Developers Housemarque released Resogun on the Playstation 4 in late 2013 and soon followed with appearances on the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita. Resogun won several awards, and was also nominated for ‘Action Game of the Year’ at the 2013 DICE Awards whilst also appearing at the 2014 GCD Awards.

The side-scrolling shoot-em-up involves battling enemies and saving trapped civilians in a circular world. The stylistic concept, music and gameplay provides an arcade feel along with a competitive and addictive edge for the player. Fast-paced and rhythmical, Resogun had its first DLC, Resogun: Heroes, which featured a new game world and two brand new game modes.

Resogun Defenders is set for February 17th on the Playstation 4 and will be available for $4.99 depending on your location. Two brand new game modes, Protector and Commando, takes Resogun story forward towards a critical stage. Both modes are based on defending the final remains of human civilization in a whole new world and new game mechanics. Commando mode, incidentally, supports cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes where you can team up with friends or even turn against each other.

With brand new trophies and the addition of a ‘Photo Mode’, you can screenshot stunning images of Resogun Defenders and send to social media using the Playstation 4 Share feature.

For more information on Resogun Defenders, check out the Playstation Blog.

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