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The Remastered Dissidia Game You Probably Won’t Play


The Remastered Dissidia Game You Probably Won’t Play

Hope you weren’t waiting for something new from the Dissidia games…

Dissidia, the often forgotten but much beloved fighting-game franchise by Square-Enix within the Final Fantasy universe is having their latest remastered release very soon. And unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the audience is appealing toward foreigners.

Announced at this weekend’s Japanese Amusement Expo, Dissidia Final Fantasy, the 3v3 fighting game which pits players against some of the most iconic Square-Enix characters of all time will be getting a remastered port exclusive to Japanese arcade machines. That’s great news if you happen to live in Japan! But for the rest of us in, you know, the rest of the planet, that’s not very optimistic news. Particularly in the United States, arcades have become an ever more rare sight after the heyday of arcade gaming ended in the late 90s. For those craving a Final Fantasy brawler experience, it doesn’t look like they will be seeing anything new from Dissidia or Square-Enix any time soon.

But at least gamers can gawk at the latest trailer featuring gameplay from Dissidia, right? Silver linings… If we could only go back to the days of Ehrgeiz.

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