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Platinum Games Steathily Releases 8-Bit Bayonetta


Platinum Games Steathily Releases 8-Bit Bayonetta

8 Bit Bayonetta is just so fun!

Let the internet know that it’s about to explode. Much-loved developer Platinum Games have released their next entry in the critically-acclaimed Bayonetta series without a fanfare. The best bit of all though is that it’s free to play.

First coming to light thanks to the tweet above, they’ve placed a whole new entry in the series online for every to play. It isn’t your standard Bayonetta experience though. Instead, it’s Platinum Games trying to bring Bayonetta through a time portal into the world of 8-Bit gaming. This in browser game features Bayonetta (obviously) and an endless steam of enemies. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to jump up and down on the left hand side of the screen while shooting stuff in the face.

High score junkies can rejoice in the fact that this little browser title from Platinum Games features a way to tweet your high score out online for all the world to see. Charming chiptune music is paired with some surprisingly adorable sprites in this tiny little title.

Platinum Games could easily have released this on Android and iOS as a free title to boost public interest in their already successful Bayonetta series but they’ve decided against that. It’s incredibly simple and pretty basic. It is however, utterly attention-grabbing in its simplicity.

Press Space to jump and press enter to shoot. What more does an awesome little game like this really need? Nothing, that’s what.

Just hop along and give it a try. On the Monday after a Superbowl, plenty of the world is going to be a little sore in the head (thanks alcohol). 8-Bit Bayonetta is enough to put a small smile across anyone’s faces.

What’s your high score? Do you think this is just a small thing that’s a little too silly? Have you become hopelessly addicted to Platinum Games’ free to play browser game? Let us know in the comments.

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