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Not A Hero Release Date Announced By OlliOlli Devs


Not A Hero Release Date Announced By OlliOlli Devs

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Sliding around and shooting unsuspecting chaps and chapettes in the face has been a lacking from games as of late. You could sort of do it in Wolfenstein: The New Order and it’s an option in Destiny, but they’re rarely used. The last game to be focused around that was Vanquish. Until now that is, as the developers of critically acclaimed pixel-art skateboarding game OlliOlli have slapped a release date on their latest game Not a Hero.

Coming to light alongside a utterly sweet trailer (see above), the release date for roll7’s Not A Hero has been confirmed as May 7th 2015. The game will put you into the shoes of a character of your choice who will run around, shooting people in the face for the honor of Bunnylord.

Not A Hero is coming to Steam,, and Humble for PC with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita released to come at some time “later this year”.

We were actually able to get our hands on a super early build of the game at EGX Rezzed 2014 and it was a fun romp way back then. With their successful OlliOlli still making gamers the world over smile with glee, Not A Hero is poised to be just as successful.

Not A Hero uses the simple tasks of reloading, sliding across the ground on your backside, and taking cover from enemies across a 2.5D field to keep the gameplay fast-paced and exciting. It will also be available in a beta form for players to try out at SXSW Gaming, EGX Rezzed, and PAX East across March.

Are you excited for Not A Hero? Did OlliOlli take over your life as it did that of many others? Are you prepared to vote BunnyLord? Let us know in the little white comments box down below.

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