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Nintendo Slashes Price of Several First Wave Amiibo


Nintendo Slashes Price of Several First Wave Amiibo

Amiibo becoming a thorn in the side of Price is Right fans.

There’s been no official announcement or word from the Japanese gaming giant, but they have been doing a little pruning of their amiibo prices. While some amiibo still command scary prices on websites like eBay and Amazon, Nintendo have gone to look at some of their prices and dropped the amount of cash they expect people to pay for three selected amiibo.

The standard cost for a single amiibo on the Nintendo store is $12.99. Well that’s the MSRP anyway. Peach, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong however have seen their values cut by the company to a slightly more modest $9.99. There’s still no official word on this happening or indeed why it has occured though. It could be an error in all fairness. That being said, it is unlikely so you can expect to pick up any of these three amiibo figurines for the lower price in retailers soon or even right now.

This nugget of price dropping comes as retailers and Nintendo fans around the world prepare for the release of yet more amiibo figures from the Super Mario series. This wave of amiibo includes a remodelled casting of Bowser, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Toad, and of course the titular plumber himself. Mario will have two versions of his new model coming out too, both a standard one and a golden figure only available it seems though Walmart in North America.

It isn’t totally outside of the realms of reasoning to come to the conclusion that these three figures have been nudged down in price to clear out warehouses and stockrooms ready for the next gaggle of plastic Near Field Communication (NFC) characters to appear.

Are you going to be picking up the newly lower priced amiibo figures? Will you be also grabbing some of the latest series? Let us know down below.

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