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New Persona 5 Trailer Released; Gameplay Revealed


New Persona 5 Trailer Released; Gameplay Revealed

Oh god, it’s happening! Everyone calm down!

Atlus revealed a 3 minute long promotional video of Persona 5 during their 30 hour stream this morning, giving us a lot of information about the new title.

From the looks of it, the protagonist and crew will not be the paragons of good that the Persona 4 and Persona 3 teams were; they appear to be working in direct opposition of the law. The team will be wearing disguises during dungeon crawling sequences, and it was hinted that stealth and acrobatics-themed gameplay may also play a role. With this in mind, the team may be playing roles as a group of thieves– the cat burglar mascot character helps solidify this theory. Along with the stealth and acrobatics, the more common turn-based Shadow fights will also be back, as well as the All-Out Attack feature.

Other things revealed during the trailer are that each character will be able to equip a gun and a “protector” along with an accessory and clothes and the Velvet Room may be taking the form of a jail cell.

Atlus did not reveal a release date for Persona 5 yet, but apparently it is still on course to be released sometime this year.

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