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Nash Returns for Street Fighter V, Ready Those Sonic Booms


Nash Returns for Street Fighter V, Ready Those Sonic Booms

Good news, Street Fighter fans. Charlie Nash is back from the dead and more than happy to dish out some of his deadly sonic booms.

The most important thing for any fighting game is its roster, especially in a long running series like Street Fighter. Fans can always expect mainstays like Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Ken, some completely new characters, and ones who haven’t been seen for years. Today, Capcom has revealed on the PlayStation Blog that Street Fighter V will include Charlie Nash from Street Fighter Alpha. Originally thought to be dead at the hands of M. Bison’s men, he’s back and ready to bring back his trademark Sonic Boom. You can see him kick ass with it in the trailer above.

Capcom has also revealed some news on the Street Fighter V beta. It’ll be coming to both PC and PS4, and they’ll be “essential to collect your feedback and ensure that Street Fighter V is the best iteration yet.” North American players will only need to pre-order the game to be automatically allowed into the beta. The conditions for players in other countries hasn’t been revealed, but as soon as that and the beta window is revealed, we’ll let you know.

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