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Someone Almost Cracked Xur’s Destiny Inventory This Week and Offers More Predictions


Someone Almost Cracked Xur’s Destiny Inventory This Week and Offers More Predictions

A reddit user, perhaps as mysterious as Xur himself, continues to provide Destiny fans with accurate predictions

In a story that continues to get more interesting after each passing week, Destiny leaker megamanexe4, accurately predicted Xur’s inventory for this week, well almost.

First though, let’s catch everyone up to speed. Reddit user megeamanexe4, a dataminer that has been responsible for many of the House of Wolves leaks, claims to be able to predict what Xur will sell alongside accurately describing what the weekly strikes will be and which modifiers will be attached to them. So far he has come pretty close if not nailing them all right on the head.

This time around he got all of the equipment right but missed out on the exotic helm engram and was incorrect about heavy ammo synthesis being available.

megamanexe4’s prediction:

Actual inventory Feb 27:

According to translations provided by another Reddit user TheKappaChris, the mix up leads megamanexe4 to believe that Bungie has the ability to modify the inventory at any time which is contrary to the common belief that it is random and/or on rails. Also, the recently released patch may have mixed up the information that megamanexe4 previously mined. For example, 1.1.1 ensures that an exotic engram is always available, whereas recently that wasn’t the case.

Still, the mixup hasn’t dissuaded megamanexe4 from making more predictions. He is confident that next week’s strike will be Sepikis Prime and that (thankfully) the nightfall will include the arc burn modifier (check out the images for the full details below). In addition, he believes that the exotic weapons Thunderlord and Hard Light will be making an appearance in Xur’s inventory in the near future.

Finally, and perhaps most alarmingly, megamanexe4 has also previously made the claim that unless something is changed, the incredibly powerful and sought after rocket launcher Gjallarhorn, will never be sold by Xur again and has been removed from the possible inventory. None of this is confirmed and he certainly could be wrong, but maybe set your expectations lower based on how accurate megamanexe4 has been thus far.

We’ll continue to follow megamanexe4’s predictions to see if they continue to hold up.

Next week’s weekly heroic and nightfall strikes if megamanexe4 is to be believed:


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