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If You Like These 5 Games You'll Love Evolve


If You Like These 5 Games You'll Love Evolve

To Evolve, or not to Evolve.

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This one should come as no surprise whatsoever. For the past few months many individuals have already drawn comparisons between both Titanfall and the finally released Evolve. This is largely due to the fact that both contain multiplayer gameplay with AI controlled creatures that can help to turn the tides of battle. But there is another reason why the appreciation of Titanfall may lead you to go pick up Evolve.

Although the gameplay found in Evolve isn’t the first time that asynchronous multiplayer matches have been available, the way you actually play shows that Turtle Rock was definitely looking to shake things up. In the way Titanfall revisited how traversal can be used in a competitive first person shooter, Evolve plays with the notion of putting one of you into the shoes of an enormous monster in order to change how you think of these games.

The optional monsters may be no Titans but the shift in play style between the myriad of hunter classes and the hulking beasts creates a shooter that requires a bit more thought. If you liked how Titanfall added a new flavor to the genre without reinventing the wheel, then you ought to give Evolve a try.

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