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3 Reasons Why Life Is Strange Is Set For Greatness


3 Reasons Why Life Is Strange Is Set For Greatness

Life Is Strange has received some fantastic reviews after release. Here are 3 reasons why it is set for greatness…

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Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange’s compelling storytelling pulls players in immediately.

Life Is Strange has been released at a perfect time. Away from zombies, survival and the waves of Early Access material Dontnod Entertainment has  found a way to shine. Simplistic, unique and incredibly insightful, Life Is Strange may have taken many players by surprise.

Released in an episodic format, Life Is Strange follows a teenage girl who discovers a mysterious power. Blending with high school drama, bullying and rejection, the storyline immerses players through emotion, suspense and personality.

Speaking to new characters reveals the true depth of the game, allowing players to understand the world of Life Is Strange and the type of environment the protagonist is forced to endure. The storyline feeds into this to create a movie-esque atmosphere built with drama.

Square Enix didn’t revolutionize storytelling with Life Is Strange, but instead gave it a whole new spin – it is relatable and immersive in a refreshing way. Similar to games like Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain, Life Is Strange takes these concepts into familiar yet new territory.

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