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5 of the Least Romantic Games to Have Ever Graced Planet Earth


5 of the Least Romantic Games to Have Ever Graced Planet Earth

Where is the love?

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Resident Evil 6

You’re probably thinking to yourself “but any of the Resident Evil games would fit,” right? And normally you would be correct, being accosted by zombies at every turn hardly puts anyone in the mood for romance. But, even so, the folks over at Capcom managed to fit in a bit of humanity into previous Resident Evil games. So much so that maybe you hoped for a better life for certain characters, and hoped that certain individuals would get together. It’s true that they never get into any real romance, but at least the characters were likable enough. Resident Evil 6 does something entirely different.

Resident Evil 6 manages to make you hate every single person on the screen at all times. It’s one thing to have to look out for an NPC, but when that NPC is as dumb as a bag of rocks you develop a new emotion that you never knew you had. You start wishing that partner of yours just drops dead before you remember that you will inevitably be dragged down with them. Adding a human to play as the second member of your team can make things marginally better, but often times it just adds to the frustration.

Romance can indeed bloom almost anywhere. But, when your game goes out of its way to provide an environment of hate and disdain, you can’t help but feel an extreme lack of fond sentiment. Resident Evil 6 just happens to be one of those games.

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