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6 Heroes of the Storm Mounts That Need to Happen


6 Heroes of the Storm Mounts That Need to Happen

What does Heroes of the Storm need? Obviously Hawkstriders.

If there’s one thing that sets Blizzard’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm apart from every other MOBA on the market, it’s mounts. When you travel across the map, you can do so in style riding anything from a cyber wolf to a rainbow unicorn. Considering all of the material Blizzard has to pull from their library of games, there are plenty of potential mounts that will hopefully see future release. Here are 5 possible Heroes of the Storm mounts that would be absolutely awesome to see in-game.


Before you exclaim that Heroes of the Storm doesn’t need a chicken mount, just take a moment to imagine it. Let me paint you a word picture. Diablo, the Lord of Terror is barreling down the middle lane. His eyes are set on the enemy team’s towers and there is no stopping him. He’s ready to charge into anyone that stands in his way. What is his mount of choice? A distressed looking hawkstrider who probably thinks carrying Diablo on his back is way beyond his pay grade.

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