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Hatoful Boyfriend Valentine's Day Cards Now Available


Hatoful Boyfriend Valentine's Day Cards Now Available

A Valentine’s Day Card for everybirdie!

The latest weekly Humble Bundle aptly titled the Humble Weekly Bundle for Lovers features plenty of awesome games, and potentially even a pillowcase. Even if you’re not into the games featured in the bundle (which you should be, ’cause c’mon, Hatoful Boyfriend), you can still get some free Hatoful Boyfriend Valentine’s Day cards courtesy of the folks over at Mediatonic.

The cards feature characters and themes from the games in the Humble Bundle and are hilarious enough to merit you sending them to at least one person you know. Or you could CC your entire friends list. However you celebrate Valentine’s day, all you have to do is enter your email and you’ll get a lovely message from the Humble Bundle people with all of the cards.

You can sign up to receive the cards and/or buy the bundle over at the official Humble Bundle site. Who are you going to be sending these wonderful Hatoful Boyfriend Valentine’s Day cards to? Let us know in the comments below!


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