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GTA Online Heists Finally Coming to Console in March


GTA Online Heists Finally Coming to Console in March

Because I got Heists, because I got Heists, because I got Heists.

Alongside of the news that Grand Theft Auto V isn’t coming to PC until April 14th, Rockstar released another tidbit of information that every fan of the franchise has been dying to hear. Heists are finally coming to the online portion of Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Heists, coming to Grand Theft Auto V March 10th, are the scripted robberies taken upon by Michael, Trevor, and Franklin but brought into the multiplayer world of GTA Online. In them, a team of up to four players are tasked with completing a series of raids and thefts across the world of GTA Online. There aren’t many more details available at this time, with Rockstar stating that “over the next couple of weeks, we will have more information about the launch of Heists and about other new features that we will release with it.”

That being said, it is assumed that Heists will be more complex missions with multiple tiers to complete and a copious amount of planning required beforehand — much like those in Grand Theft Auto V‘s single player. Whether or not non-player characters will be used alongside the four players is unknown, however that is quite unlikely.

Those who are hungry for new things in GTA Online will not be disappointed as there’s a whole host of new weapons, clothing, vehicles, and everything in-between coming alongside the Heists update.

Concerned PC pre-order holders should not be worried about this delay affecting their chance to get hold of Heists. While Grand Theft Auto V was pushed back several weeks on the platform, when it launches GTA Online will include Heists from the very first day.

Are you looking forward to finally getting a hold of Heists in GTA Online? Maybe you’re just a little miffed that alongside this good news came the bad news of a PC version delay. Let us know in the comments below.

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