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Gold Mario Amiibo Figures Sold Out, But on eBay for $399


Gold Mario Amiibo Figures Sold Out, But on eBay for $399

El Dorado was built on a golden pipe system.

So earlier today, we reported on the new the golden Mario amiibo being exclusively sold at Walmart from March 20th. It was a happy time back then. People thought of picking one up when grabbing their copy of Mario Party 8 and the sun shone in the sky. Now however, the sky has turned a terrible blood red. The resellers are out there, and their selling the still unreleased amiibo figures for up to $399.

While the $399 sale hasn’t yet found a buyer, there are many listings out there already for anyway at some fairly ridiculous prices when you think about it. Buy It Now offers are hovering right now between the $85 and $100 mark, with some bidding wars being fought over figures which, at the time of writing, are launching mortars to the tune of $50.399 dollar gold mario amiibo

This isn’t anything new. Samus and Peach defects have been sold on eBay for thousands of dollars next to some of the more limited figures which themselves are fetching a rather tidy sum usually.

What might be of some interest to economically minded gamers out there is that the statuettes offered by Club Nintendo in Japan, which were also of a golden Mario but not an amiibo, are selling for around $60. So a commemorative statuette is fetching less money online than a piece of plastic painted gold, being sold by a massive chain of stores in America.

These of course aren’t sales of the actual gold-faced Mario amiibo right now. They are simply selling pre-orders for the mustache-faced plumber in gold form. People who put down this money are still going to have to wait until after the March 20th release date.

Are you shocked yet by the appearance of amiibo figures on eBay even before they’re released? Is it just something you expect now from amiibo sales? Let us know in the comments


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