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Gold Mario Amiibo Coming in March and Exclusive to Walmart


Gold Mario Amiibo Coming in March and Exclusive to Walmart

Gold coins aren’t safe around this pounding plumber.

The amiibo craze has hit the world (and many bank balances) with an implacable tidal wave of cash-throwing in the past few months. Each wave of Nintendo’s NFC-enabled figurines has slammed into North American, European, and Asian shores without mercy, leading to production defects and exclusive releases surfing to astronomical prices. Now there’s a new kid on the block. Well sort of, its the oldest and facially hairiest plumber to leap from the waters of Nintendo Mario. There’s a golden version coming of him, and he’s a Walmart exclusive.

Arriving on March 20th, coinciding with the release of Mario Party 10 on WiiU, the Golden Mario amiibo will be sold exclusively at 3,000 Walmart stores across North America. This shiny Mario amiibo isn’t to be confused with the other plump plumber’s appearance as a part of the amiibo wave coming with Mario Party 10 however. That one will only be available bundled in a limited edition format with the upcoming WiiU title.

This is actually the third showing of Mario in the amiibo world, with his first iteration coming out in the opening wave of amiibo several months ago and being depicted with a fireball in his hands.

The press release issued by Nintendo gives a little more information, some of which is shown below and goes over a handful of details about the figurine.

Golden Mario amiibo’s will be sold for $12.96 and are compatible with a number of Nintendo titles available right now including the latest entry Super Smash Bros. and of course Mario Party 10. A full list of compatible titles for amiibo figurines can be found here.

There is as of yet no word on whether or not this special edition Mario amiibo will be coming to European shores.

Are you taken up by the amiibo craze? Will you be going to Walmart to pick up your very own golden Mario amiibo? Let us know in the comments

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