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Ghost Girl Revealed in Latest Killer Instinct Trailer


Ghost Girl Revealed in Latest Killer Instinct Trailer

Iron Galaxy Studios is teasing a Killer Instinct character that might just give you nightmares.

The folks over at Microsoft released a trailer yesterday for Killer Instinct’s latest season two character, Aganos. Although the trailer focused on the grassy golem and his fighting style, a spooky looking ghost girl was shown towards the end of the trailer.

In the trailer (which you can check out above), Aganos fights various other characters and shows off some of his moves. At the 2:09 mark, we catch our first glimpses of the ghost girl. She isn’t on-screen for very long and aside from giving us a hefty number of flashbacks to “The Grudge”, Microsoft didn’t reveal too much.

Ultra Edition owners can expect Aganos on Friday, February 27. Combo Breaker owners can expect him on March 5th.

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